If you’re wondering why you have stumbled upon this site, it is because you must be here. This will introduce you to the experimental poetry of Napoleon Nalcot, as he glides away from the drift of what is the usual, established, accepted, and well-defined of our time, which is a whole new world of words expressed in an attempt to comply with the art of finding’s poetic narratives triggered by the pictures captured from the lens of his ordinary camera and of his naked eyes as well.

It is to simply create a beauty (the way he sees it and in his own words) behind everything, once again discovered, and to tell about the story it has compelled him to imagine.

All of life, according to him, is the poetic inquiry of something which can only be understood by the heart that truly seeks. His writings should give us the impression, by which we have to change gear of our mindsets to be able to contemplate through his subjects, of what is going to unfold out of such rich tendencies suddenly becoming ripe for the picking for what he can translate into words.

So take a deep breath, relax. Allow your own self to be wherever the reading may take you and for as long as you’re willing to be enmeshed with enigmas and deciphering, every minute of your time spent knowing why is all worth it.

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